Named Artistic Gymnastic Elements

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Different Types of Gymnastics

Women's Artistic Gymnastics

Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) is the perfect synthesis of creative freedom, sports technique, and individual expression. Each gymnast must perform breathtaking movements with flawless precision. In Women's Artistic Gymnastics, the gymnast looks for elegance and technicality on the uneven bars, balance on the beam, lightness, and choreography on the floor, impulse on the vault. Each of these four apparatuses, each more difficult than the next, requires the highest degree of perfection: the adjustment and coordination of the movements must cohabit in harmony, in a creative composition of movements.

Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Men's Artistic Gymnastics (or MAG) is a meticulous discipline. In its perfection, it combines both individual physical abilities such as strength, coordination, and flexibility through perfectly controlled exercises, but also artistic characteristics such as creativity, aestheticism, and expressiveness. It is a symphony of movements that is expressed through six specialties: floor, pommel horse, rings, vaulting table, parallel bars and high bar.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) is aimed at a large female public. It is characterized by its rapid implementation and by the importance of choreography and dance. Gymnasts with a passion for dance and an artistic soul will enjoy evolving in this discipline. In leisure as well as in competition, the show translates into a graceful evolution in music, on the floor, and an agile manipulation of the 5 apparatus: rope, ball, hoop, ribbon, and clubs.

Acrobatic Gymnastics

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a collective discipline open to all levels of practice. Gymnasts can enjoy it from the very first training sessions. Thanks to the varied roles offered by this group practice, each gymnast must find what suits him or her in Acrobatic Gymnastics. Trampoline is an exclusively acrobatic discipline that requires boldness when practiced at a high level. As a leisure activity, this discipline is aimed at a large public thanks to its playfulness.

Team Gymnastics

Team Gymnastics allows gymnasts to develop team spirit, versatility, acrobatic skills, and synchronization. This discipline is practiced in men's, women's or mixed teams of 6 to 12 gymnasts on 3 apparatus: floor, tumbling and mini-trampoline. The combination of these three apparatus, which require different qualities, makes Team Gym a very complete discipline.

Betting on Gymnastics

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Popular Competitions with Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a popular sport at many international competitions, but the most popular ones are definitely the summer Olympics, the World Championship, and the Gymnastics World Cup, where the events are divided into several sessions, held on different days, starting from qualifications, to final events.

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